Mr Blue Sky Summer, Shame About All the Rumours

I think this will be the first summer in a long time where Blues fans can expect to have feelings of anticipation. We have a Board willing to financially back a manager (to a degree).  We have a charismatic manager that has a reputation of a wheeler-dealer. The haze of crap that was Zola’s tenure has well and truly disappeared.  The kits are due to be released soon – us Bluenoses can be happy!

It makes such a pleasant change I’m almost unsure as to how to handle it. But that’s a much more pleasant problem to have than one of discontent and not seeing the light. But what sort of a Bluenose would I be if I wasn’t complaining about something!

Rumours. Bullshit mate.

I am not the sort of character to get involved in gossip.  I’ve been burnt in the past during a work placement year I’d rather now forget and since then I have vowed not to participate in conversations about people I wouldn’t have the cohunes to say to them directly. I hate gossiping and to an extent gossips themselves.

I understand that with open transfer windows we’ll get whiffs of ‘so and so to Blues?’ but this summer so far, all 3 weeks of it have been utterly ridiculous.

More well established Blues blogs, the Birmingham Mail and some more general football gossip sites have just been vomiting up the most futile ‘transfer gossip’ I’ve seen in years. How do I keep abreast of the latest goings on but filter out the transfer crap?

Until a player has his picture up on the official website signing a bit of paper I don’t care. I understand that with Redknapp now in charge we are going to be linked with nearly every player still plying his trade that has played under Redknapp at any of his previous clubs. I get that. But even at this early stage in the summer it would be easier to literally list every player in the 92 English league clubs, all the players in the top 2 Scottish divisions, then every player to have played for Redknapp and say “it could be from any of these” then be done with it.

There’s so much white noise about transfers I have no idea what is credible and what is pure conjecture. So, there’s no point to any of it.

I hope we make some decent signings. We need a natural goal scoring poacher capable of 15+ goals a season. We need balance across the midfield, I’m hoping Cotterill does enough to impress Redknapp he stays for another season, failing that a pure right winger. Finally, we need at least 1 if not 2 centre backs as cover for Morrison and shotton, although the second could be from the u23’s encouraging that step up.

The u23’s is also an area Redknapp could look to in order to strengthen the squad. Hale, McDonald and Harding have all shown great promise in the development league that they deserve to have Harry take a look at them.

Anyway. There’s my grumble, I feel better for getting it off my chest and I am buoyed by the release of the new away kit, which I think is really smart and a contender for purchase over the home one.

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