Back to The Blues

I was recently harangued by a friend for not having written a piece about Blues in some time with the accusation that now we are on the uppers I don’t have anything to moan about and therefore no blog posts to write.

Whilst there is an element of truth to that, I would always counter that by saying “I’m a Bluenose, I will always find something to moan about”.

Blues’ fortunes do seem to have turned a corner. Since the sacking of Rowett, we have had little to cheer about in terms of results and quality of football being played. Results and performances this season have been considerably better under Monk than they have for a very, very long time,probably since the Hughton era.  

And whilst Blues continue to have a cloud hanging over them with off-field issues there is in truth little for the average fan to grumble about.

It’s a really interesting time to be a Blues fan.  I still enter every matchday with real trepidation about getting results.  I never look atteams in the league and think “that’s 3 points …. So’s that …. Maybe a draw there” and so on. One of the best things about the Championship is the unpredictable nature of the league. But, every game I cross everything I can that Blues will get a result and more often than not they have responded.

Yes, there have been games we should have taken all 3 points instead of slipping to a draw – Both Norwich on opening day and Forest later on really come to mind as examples. But then, there are also the games where we’ve taken all 3 points or earned a tough draw when really, we shouldn’t have – so I can’t be too greedy.


Monk appears to be a great coup by Blues. From day one he (and his coaching staff) seems to have understood what the club (and the fans) are all about.

One of the most significant factors in his success is the realisation that individually we’re not particularly strong – we don’t have any real flare or creativity that can unlock teams. But as a team we can collectively get results and has built a team/squad that work hard together in order to get that result.

Monk hasn’t tried to introduce an alternative way of playing,he’s not trying to turn us into the Brazil Brummies.  What he is doing is making sure we create chances when presented. We’re not a team that has the majority of possession,but more often than not we create more chances than our opposition.

I am not going to get carried away with things. We’re not good enough for promotion, there isn’t a problem with that. But to have a season where we’re not scrapping for survival is a huge step forward for this squad of players.

Where Next?

First and foremost. Blues need clarity on financial matters.We need a resolution to the problems and the transfer embargo lifted.

We then need to set about adding strength and depth to this team. What we need:

  • A back-up left Back, one accustomed to paying left back and good enough for this level
  • A back-up left winger, same requirements as the left back
  • We need to find a replacement for Maghoma – don’t get me wrong, he’s great, but for a winger he’s getting old and we need to find a viable alternative.
  • But most of all, above all else – we need amidfield maestro.  We desperately need someone capable of distributing the ball well who can command and dominate the midfield.

I’m not overly desperate for any other changes or additions to the squad.  Any more than that is probably unrealistic to be honest.

It was probably a good thing I didn’t set this post out by promising to not moan. But I am a happy Bluenose, when you have been through the last few seasons we have, it feels as though we are cruising towards the Champions League! I am now looking forward to writing a new blog post about my away day adventure with my Brother-in-law, a Blackburn Rovers fan as we have a dirty weekend away, painting Blackburn a horrible shade of sick!

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