Brothers in Football (and Beer)

the first instigator of meet-ups was their arrival to ours for the weekend to go up to the mighty St Andrew’s for Birmingham v Blackburn. It was a great day, despite Mrs TBN-to-be being left at home too hungover from the night before to make it out, we had a great day. Beers flowed, Blues won 1-0 and the day went well. Continue reading Brothers in Football (and Beer)

Trillion Trophy Asia are ruining The Blues

I can gauge how awful we have been both on and off the pitch by how much abuse I get from the Luton Town fan in the office. The moment he pipes up taking the piss I know it’s bad. And so, by 9.30am I had taken all the flack the office had to give me. Like I say, I’m not Birmingham based, so the flack I got was marginal compared to some I’m sure but I am still left feeling embarrassed by my club. Continue reading Trillion Trophy Asia are ruining The Blues